Advantages of Using Mastercam Multiaxis


Mastercam's Multiaxis feature is a powerful tool within the Mastercam software suite designed to enhance productivity by enabling simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining capabilities. This feature offers a range of machining strategies, from basic to advanced, allowing users to perform complex machining operations efficiently.

Here's a breakdown of the key features and benefits of Mastercam Multiaxis:

1.Wide Range of Machining Strategies: Mastercam Multiaxis provides various machining strategies tailored to different machining needs, whether basic or advanced.

2.Control Over Crucial Elements: Users have complete control over three essential elements of multiaxis machining:

  • Cut Pattern: Allows users to define the pattern of the toolpath, providing flexibility in machining operations.
  • Tool Axis Control: Enables precise control over the orientation of the tool, ensuring optimal machining results.
  • Collision Avoidance: Helps prevent collisions between the tool, the part, and the machine, ensuring safe machining operations.

3.Multisurface 5-Axis Roughing and Finishing: The software facilitates both roughing and finishing operations on multisurface 5-axis machining, including awareness of stock models for efficient material removal.

4.Tilt Axis Limits: Users can set tilt axis limits to control the tool angle, preventing gouging or violation of machine tool limits during machining processes.

5.Advanced Gouge-Checking and Safe Zone: The software includes advanced gouge-checking capabilities and establishes a 5-axis safe zone around the part, ensuring safe cutting operations, even in complex machining scenarios.

6.Compatibility and Code Generation: Mastercam Multiaxis works seamlessly with Mastercam Mill 3D, Mastercam Router 3D, and Mastercam Mill-Turn products to generate 5-axis code compatible with virtually any CNC machine.

7.Support for Advanced Tool Geometries: The software provides support for advanced tool geometries as a standard feature, enabling users to leverage specialized tools for specific machining tasks.

8.Accurate Cuts and Fast Turnaround: With streamlined multiaxis programming, Mastercam Multiaxis ensures accurate cuts and fast turnaround times, even for the most challenging machining jobs, enhancing overall productivity.

In summary, Mastercam Multiaxis empowers users to perform complex machining operations with efficiency and precision, thanks to its comprehensive set of features and advanced capabilities.

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