Common Multiaxis Myths

Multiaxis machining is often seen as something only big players in industries like aerospace can handle. However, there are several myths surrounding it that we're here to debunk.

Myth #1: You need a multiaxis machine to start multiaxis machining. Not true! With 3+2 machining, you can use a traditional 3-axis milling center. This approach provides many benefits of multiaxis machining without needing a specialized machine. Mastercam Mill offers solutions for 3+2 machining.

Myth #2: Multiaxis is only for aerospace parts. In reality, almost any shop can benefit from multiaxis. It reduces setup times, which is crucial in today's job market where skilled machinists are scarce. Multiaxis machining can streamline operations, making your shop more efficient and competitive.

Myth #3: Multiaxis is too complicated to be profitable. While it may seem intimidating, learning multiaxis isn't as complex as it seems. Mastercam's multiaxis toolpaths are intuitive, and your local reseller can provide training and support to help you get started. Resources like Mastercam University, camInstructor, and Streamingteacher are also available for additional learning. Don't let fear hold you back from exploring the benefits of multiaxis machining for your shop.

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