Getting in Sync with Mill-Turn: Posts are Critical

Part 2: Posts are Critical

Post processors are the heart and soul of CAM. So it is very important to make sure the post is set up correctly and in tune with your particular machine and the way you would like it to perform. Mastercam has initiated collaborations with manufacturers of the most popular multi-axis CNCs to assure that mill-turn posts control their machines properly.

Dozens of machine-specific posts have been created and more are added every month. Even so, it has been difficult to keep pace with the growing numbers of mill-turn machines that are being introduced each year. In this case, many resellers are adept at customizing generic posts to fulfill the requirements of recently introduced mill-turn equipment.

In addition, Mastercam routinely collaborates with machine tool builders and cutting tool vendors on research and turnkey programs that continually expand our knowledge of the most effective mill-turn strategies and best practices. This non-proprietary knowledge is typically passed along to users on an as-needed basis and incorporated appropriately into subsequent releases of Mill-Turn software.