Verisurf 2019 Released for Commercial Use

We have some exciting news to share with you. The newest release of Verisurf 2019 is here and ready to go to work for you. The expanded toolset in this newest Verisurf version will substantially improve your abilities to assess real-time quality condition, expedite workflows, generate more useful reports, and reverse engineer parts faster - both online and offline.

Maintenance customers can retrieve and install Verisurf 2019 from the Support/Downloads page at

We also encourage you to take a few minutes to review the Verisurf 2019 overview videos and related materials you'll find online on the Verisurf 2019 release site to get the full story on this expanded version.

Verisurf 2019 Highlights (PDF)
Quick Overview Video
Detailed Overview Video

If you have any questions about Verisurf 2019 or other Verisurf solutions, please contact us at your convenience: